Hercules Brass Padlocks

Hercules Locks bring to you the most complete line of solid brass tumbler pin padlocks available to serve the needs of utilities, municipalities, industry, pipelines, refineries and government. Hercules locks are precision crafted out of solid brass to withstand inclement weather conditions. Shackles are available in brass, stainless steel or heat-treated stainless steel in a variety of clearances. Our lockout/tagout system is both flexible and cost effective while clearly protecting personnel from industrial accidents. Ask about our lock that has been specifically designed for demand meters. Call about our newest additions, rim and mortise cylinders and double bolt padlocks for high-security applications. In addition, locks may be keyed alike or different to meet your requirements. For high volume applications where security is less critical, breakaway padlocks are available at very competitive prices. Ask about our engraving options.

Model # Width Shackle Diameter Width Clearance Shackle Clearance(s)
400 1-1/8″ 3/16″ 5/8″ 3/4″ & 2″
500 1-9/16″ 3/16″ 7/8″ 7/8″
600 1-9/16″ 1/4″ 3/4″ 7/8″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″ & 8″
700 1-9/16″ 9/32″ 3/4″ 7/8″, 1-1/2″, 2″, 3″ & 4″
800 1-3/4″ 5/16″ 7/8″ 7/8″, 1-1/4″, 1-5/8″, 2″, 3″ & 4″
900 2-1/16″ 3/8″ 1″ 1″, 2″, 3″ & 4″
980 2-1/16″ 5/16″ 1-1/16″ 1-1/4″
All locks are solid brass with 5 tumbler pins except model 400, which has 4 tumbler pins. Shackles are available in brass or stainless steel.

See figure (below) for explanation of specifications.

Model # Width Pin Diameter Head Diameter Pin Clearance
700M 1-9/16″ 3/8″ 5/8″ 5/8″ & 7/8″
Series 700M is a solid brass BODY, 5 tumbler pin lock.

Standard clearance or specials are available for newspaper racks, coin vending machines, meters, valves, cable TV enclosures etc.

Model # Width Pin Diameter Width Clearance Shackle Clearances
8000 1-3/4″ 5/16″ 7/8″ 7/8″, 1-1/4″, 1-5/8″, 2″, 3″ & 4
9000 2-1/16″ 3/8″ 1-1/8″ 1″, 2″, 3″ & 4″
Our new double bolt padlocks are excellent for high-security applications where weather resistance is critical. Shackles are available in hardened stainless steel for strength and toughness. Our solid brass body and internal components result in the most weather-resistant locks available. For Hercules quality, two-week delivery and a very competitive price, call us now.

Keys may be ordered blank or cut.
Locks can be keyed alike.

Lockout/Tagout prevents accidents

Lockout/Tagout saves lives

Lockout/Tagout is the law!

Locking out equipment during maintenance and change-over has not only prevented accidents, but also saved lives. Lockout/Tagout is the law.  If you have not started a Lockout/Tagout program yet, start one today.  If you already have a Lockout/Tagout program, see what we have to offer.

Lock:(model 700 with 7/8″ or 1-1/2″ shackle): 9/32″ diameter shackle 1-9/16″ BODY width 3/4″ horizontal shackle

Clearance: 5 tumbler pin design

Hasp: 1/4″ diameter 1″ length 1-1/2″ BODY width 4-3/8″ height 6 lock capacity 3/8″ hole size
Tough scratch resistant anodized aluminum tag
You can specify the number of keys

  • A colored tag comes standard with every lock.  Use to separate departments or note special caution.
  • Each tag can have your employees’ name or department stamped on it.
  • If an employee retires or leaves the company, simply replace the tag and continue to use the lock.
  • Colors are available in red, blue, green, purple, orange and bronze.
  • Poly resin coated lockouts are available in aluminum or steel.
  • Painted locks are available on request.