CS 101 – Roach & Ant Spray with Cherry Fragrance

CS 101 is an EPA registered, residual crack and crevice insecticide spray. CS 101 drops a broad spectrum of insects on contact. This cherry scented formulation contains esfenvalerate for residual control up to seven weeks and ETOC for quick knock down and flushing action. The dual action valve and spout allow the product to be sprayed in a powerful straight stream that can be directed into hard to reach areas or a less forceful mist pattern for use as a surface spray on baseboards, etc. Pleasant cherry fragrance.

JS 685®

JS 685® is the only insecticide designed to protect electrical equipment from fire ants that cause more than $7 billion in damage each year across the Southern United States. It enables professional contractors and equipment owners to quickly kill the fire ants, and leave a residual powder that keeps the swarming pests away for 7 months.

STOMP – Wasp & Hornet Spray

STOMP is an EPA registered, high dielectric nonchlorinated wasp and hornet spray. This product sprays 15 to 20 feet and can be used indoors (attics and other places where nests are built) or outdoors on hornet, wasp and yellowjacket nests. Product should be applied in the evening after all the insects have returned to the nest. Dielectric strength is 40.1 KV by ASTM test method D-877.


Barespot Weed & Grass Granular Herbicide

Barespot Weed & Grass Granular Herbicide contains 1.25% diuron which is relatively soluble. It remains in the top 2-3 inches of soil giving extended control of annuals for an additional 30-45 days.

DOOM – 2,4-D Solvent Base Weed Killer

DOOM is an EPA registered solvent based weed killer. It is a combination of 2,4-D and Bromacil. This combination insures rapid top kill and will prevent future growth of all weeds up to 1 year. Sprays upside-down for convenient application.

Glyphosate Concentrate 41%

Glyphosate Concentrate 41%. Provides consistent and relentless weed control over Roundup Ready crops, for total vegetation management, or for burn-down. Translocates through the entire plant and controls weeds down to the roots. No additional surfactant necessary.


10 HOUR – Insect Repellent

Protect your workers from insects that may carry West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, and Lyme Disease with The 10 Hour Insect Repellent containing 100% DEET(N, N-Diethyl-m-toluamide). With just one application, this strong repellent will protect them from biting insects, including mosquitoes, chiggers and ticks, for up to 10 full hours. The 2 oz. atomizer spray typically lasts as long as 3 aerosol cans. There is no scent added and it is formulated not to sweat off.

BUG BAN PLUS – Insect Repellent

BUG BAN PLUS is an EPA registered personal insect repellent that contains 22.56% DEET plus two additional repellents and synergists that provide outstanding repelling action against disease-carrying insects. It repels mosquitoes, biting flies, chiggers, ticks and other insects including fleas on exposed skin. Has a special valve that allows product to be sprayed in any position.

BugBand® (Deet-free)

BugBand® products are a proven, effective alternative to synthetic traditional pesticides, protecting children and adults from biting insects while avoiding the risks associated with irritating chemicals. BugBand is not only a safer choice, it’s more effective. Geraniol, the plant-based active ingredient in BugBand, is a proven repellent.  Available in: Pump Spray, Towelettes, and wristbands.