EPIRB & PLB Battery Replacement Service

PLB Battery Replacement and EPIRB Battery Replacement

We change batteries in ACR, McMurdo, Ocean Signal, and Jotron EPIRBs and PLBs.

We have a state of the art Battery Replacement and Shore Based Maintenance facility.

Your PLB or EPIRB will be thoroughly inspected and tested when we change the battery. Every unit that comes into our facility is activated in our faraday cage. If your unit contains a GPS the GPS receiver and the GPS transmission in the 406 MHz burst as well as the 121.5 MHz homing frequency will be verified.

When your unit leaves our facility you can be assured that it is in top shape and ready to save your life when needed.

Please contact us for pricing on your battery replacement.

Division Quick Contact:
Chip Beyer
Tel: (281) 338-2688
Fax: (281) 338-2686
Toll Free: (800) 223-5727