Frequently Asked Questions


Does Trionics work on the weekends?

Our normal business hours are Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm.  However, our technical staff is on call 24 hours a day.  All work performed after normal business hours would be billed at overtime rates.


Can Trionics repair anything on my boat?

Our primary focus is bridge electronics.  However, if we can’t fix it, we know who can.


Does Trionics provide estimates for installs?

Yes! We will visit your vessel (if possible) prior to the install in order to estimate the time it will take and also to prepare ourselves for the job.  We hate surprises as much as you do and will do our best to avoid them.


If my equipment fails under warranty, who do I contact?

You will contact us.  We will interface with the manufacturer and get your equipment repaired as quickly as possible.


Does Trionics offer flat rate installation costs for equipment?

Yes, after we survey your boat.


What if I decide to add more items to an install or I request additional work outside the initial estimate?

Trionics is always happy to accommodate any reasonable request by a customer.  If the additional job is outside the scope of the initial estimate, then Trionics will perform the work as requested under a change order.  We will endeavor to estimate the cost beforehand, but in some cases, we will simply perform the work under a Time and Materials basis.