About Us

Founded in 1991 as a resource and solutions provider in electronic, communications and navigation equipment and supplies, Trionics, LLC continues to successfully grow as a source of products and systems for both the offshore and onshore markets. In addition to what was our core focus in the off-shore marine area, we now encompass oil and gas, both off and on-shore, Heat Treating, Dairy & Food Industries, Laboratories, Manufacturing facilities and Municipalities, offering both products and solutions while performing as a recognized Single Source provider.

Our growth is representative of the trust our customers have placed in us resulting in our expansion to include more products and markets to serve. We invite you to visit the extensive listings of manufacturers that we represent, and equipment for which we provide products. Our five areas of expertise include:

  • Recreational Marine
  • Commercial Marine
  • Natural Gas & Oil Field
  • Industrial Supply
  • Rig Supply

With more than 100 years combined experience in the various industries which we service, our very knowledgeable staff can assist you with the most common products, or can utilize their expertise in identifying and locating those that are most difficult to find.

We are a supplier of industrial recording charts, pens, ribbons, cartridges, chart recorders and replacement parts, orifice plates and seal rings, storage/carry cases (orifice plates/recording charts), gas sampling pumps and detection tubes, automatic samplers, valves, manifolds, Total Flow and meter runs.

Markets served include, but are not limited to, Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas (in-plant and field operation), Heat Treating, Dairy/Food Industries, Laboratories, Manufacturing Facilities, Transportation, and Municipalities.