Return Policy

In order to better serve you we have standardized our return policy as follows:


  • A Return Authorization (RA) must be requested for all returns. Call in your request to Kim and please have our Invoice # (or Sales Order #), your PO# and return quantities available when you call. Upon approval, an RA form will be faxed to your office & copy of same must accompany returned material. All returns must be in original condition in original manufacturers unopened packaging, in “As New” condition. Final credit is subject to inspection of material. DO NOT refuse shipments!


  • For returns of Trionics shelf stock material requested within 30 days of delivery, no restocking charges will apply. After 30 days a 20% restocking charge will be incurred. No returns will be accepted after 60 days.


  • For return requests of special order material, approval will be based on the acceptance of the return by our vendor. Any restocking fees incurred by Trionics will be passed to you. Returns after 30 days will incur a minimum 20% restocking charge. No returns after 60 days will be accepted.


  • No returns will be accepted on the following items:
    Cut wire & cable
    Semiconductors (transistors, diodes, SCR’s, etc.)
    Batteries (exception – EPIRB & SART batteries)


  • Hydrostatic release devices have always presented a unique problem as SOLAS regulations require that these devices be “date punched” for expiration upon delivery to the end user. In order to satisfy regulations while allowing you an avenue for product return, Trionics will no longer “Date Punch” these items and this task will be left to you. All hydrostatic releases should be punched to expire 2 years from date of delivery. As these are Trionics stock items, returns will be per 1 & 2 above. No returns will be accepted on a “Date Punched” release.


  • Batteries for EPIRB’s and SART’s are another unique problem as we must affix a “Date Punched” label before shipment. Again, to allow you an avenue for return, we will accept these returns subject to 1 & 2 above. A $75 “Re-certification Fee” will be charged to cover our expense of new labeling and testing.


  • Return Authorizations will expire 30 days after issue date.


We appreciate your business and look forward to assisting you further!