Gyro compasses are widely used on ships to determine the true north by utilizing fast-spinning gyroscopic wheels and physical forces like gravity and Earth's rotation. These precise instruments are particularly suited for maritime applications such as offshore operations and seabed mapping.

Trionics offers a comprehensive range of high-quality Gyro and GPS compasses that seamlessly integrate with any electronics system. These compasses provide accurate and reliable data for safe navigation. Whether for new installations or retrofitting into existing systems, Trionics provides flexible IMO and non-IMO configuration options, making the process simple and efficient.

Gyrocompasses are known for their reliability, surpassing other options in the market. Unlike many gyrocompasses that require regular liquid changes, Trionics gyrocompasses are virtually maintenance-free, ensuring hassle-free operation.


A wide selection of control units allows for system configuration flexibility in both new installations and integration with existing repeater systems. The standard interfaces can be expanded to accommodate signals for various vessel applications. The distribution of power and heading signals from the control units facilitates straightforward installation and retrofitting.

Proper repair and servicing of gyrocompasses are essential to ensure accurate operation in determining the true meridian direction. Qualified service specialists should perform timely maintenance to ensure continuous functionality.

Maintenance tasks for gyrocompasses include comprehensive inspection and repair of gyroscopic compasses and their components, selection, repair, and restoration of course converters, setting up peripheral networks, correction of permanent amendments, maintenance of gyrocompassless gyrocompasses, repair and replacement of gyrocompass boards, and replacement of the gyrosphere (sensitive element). It is important to follow the accompanying documentation and the Rules for the technical operation of electric and radio navigation instruments when conducting gyrocompass maintenance.

Regular replacement of the maintenance fluid in the gyrocompass cooling system, at least once every 18 months, is crucial for optimal performance.

Gyrocompasses are sensitive to shipboard power supply fluctuations. The accuracy of a gyrocompass can be verified by comparing its readings with a magnetic compass and determining any necessary corrections. Qualified service technicians handle the repair and servicing of gyrocompasses.

During voyages, regular technical inspections of the gyrocompass should include monitoring the temperature of the supporting liquid, the position of the gyroscope, and the indications of control and measuring instruments.

To prevent further breakdowns, it is crucial to have repair and maintenance of gyrocompasses performed by qualified specialists at service centers.